Just for our AMAZING customers.

*All of our Manicures & Pedicures are one dollar per minute. For example: A Spa Manicure is $45.00 for 45 minutes, and a Spa Pedicure is $65.00 for 65 minutes.

*All Technicians are required to adhere to the treatment time limits.

*Our list of treatments and associated prices are available in our brochure. Please consult with the Technician to confirm agreement on expected treatment and price before receiving or adding any service. Once a service is provided it will be charged and the client is responsible for payment.

*All of our services are guaranteed. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, we must be notified on the original day of service. Please provide your original receipt and we will re-perform the service within three days (seven days for artificial nails).

*No cash refund will be provided for services paid for with a certificate.

*We are not responsible for lost or damaged personal belongings.

*If children (under 10 years old) are receiving a service, guardians are asked to specify which service they are to receive.

*It is the guardian's responsibilities to pay for any additional services.

*Technicians are required to open a new sanitized implement pouch for each treatment.

*We will not be held responsible for allergic reactions or burning due to waxing services performed on customers who are using any acne treatment and/or have sensitive skin.

*10% for spa group party/ 1st sign in student and loyalty customer birthday and prefer customer.

*$10 reward will be expired in 3 months after the notification email sent out.

*We greatly appreciate your business! We welcome feedback on our service and the Technicians performance and encourage our clients to notify the Front Desk Staff before leaving the Spa with any concerns to give us the opportunity to resolve the issue or offer a Gift Certificate for any Mani/Pedi treatment on your next visit. We also welcome compliments and praises.

*If you prefer to send your feedback please feel free to contact (704) 814 8815, text message only or via email at We will contact you as soon as possible.


*All services rendered are non refundable.

*We will not make any exception to our policy.